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First UNFCCC technical workshop on water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies , held in Mexico city

Water and climate change, UNFCCC hold a SBSTA technical workshop

I was very happy to participate in the UNFCCC technical workshop on water and climate change on 18-20 July 2012. The workshop resulted from the lobbying work myself and my colleagues carried out at COP16 in Cancun when FAN worked with the Water and Climate Coalition to get water included in the climate change agenda.

We can't solve problems in the future with the same infrastructure and institutions that have created them

My first impression when the Stockholm World Water Week started was that the ambience of this event was much more human size than World Water Forum where distances and security systems transform the sharing, learning and lobbying experience, making it very difficult.

COP16: FAN Mexico Coordinator Nathalie's first impressions

Though it seemed impossible because of the complexity and quantity of negotiations involving the meeting, I have managed to immerse myself and am starting to understand the context and status of negotiations on the framework convention of the United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC)

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