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'Caravan of water' raises awareness on water issues in Mexico

'Caravan of water' is a touring convoy of artistic activities and workshops raising awareness of water issues among communities. The event aims to mobilise them into demanding solutions from the authorities and support the River Basin Commission Amecameca to implement the Hydrological Plan.

For the past year, in partnership with several communities in Mexico City as well as other organizations and local authorities, FANMex member Guardianes de los Volcanes has been gathering proposals for restoring the Amecameca and La Compañía river watersheds.  The work was presented in a book called Rethinking The Watershed and is a consensus on the problems and solutions.

These ideas led to formation of Amecameca’s Hydrologic Plan which was recently adopted as a tool for outlining strategies, priorities and policies to achieve a balance of regional sustainable development and integrated resource management.

The ‘Caravan for water’ began on May 15 and will continue until June 5. The event will explore and promote Aztec practices remembering how ancestors and some communities today manage water through canals, irrigation ditches and chinampas (land created on a lake on wooden pillars and mud that eventually solidifies and is used for agriculture).

On 21 May, participants launched the Mexico Valley Watershed Observatory, which is an initiative that citizens and specialists began in 2007 to monitor progress of the Hydrological plan.

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