Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Central America Governance Partners

Freshwater Action Network Central America (FANCA), hosted by the Central American Regional Association for Water and the Environment (ARCA) in Costa Rica, is coordinating FAN governance work in the region.  

FANCA Mission: To promote environmental and water resources protection, conservation and sustainable use, as well as integrated watershed, water resources and environmental management processes. 

Governance work: To promote networking among organisations working on integrated water resources management, as well as existing community water systems in the Central American region.  To lead processes for the promotion and creation of water policy and law.  To develop and strengthen community water systems on governance and transparency issues. 

Programme Managers:

Jorge Mora Portuguez 

Office: (506) 2280-6516 / 2281-3290

Vanessa Dubois Cisneros

Contact FANCA:

P.O. Box 1852-2050, San José, Costa Rica


Governance in Costa Rica 

Centro de Derecho Ambiental y de los Recursos Naturales (Environmental Law and Natural Resources Centre) (CEDARENA) is working to transform environmental Law and environmental Management, making its learning and implementation easier, in order to promote more sustainable, equitable and inclusive societies. 

Governance work: Advocacy to promote a new Water Law and a new communal aqueducts law, research on Transparency and Accountability in the water and sanitation sector in Costa Rica.

Programme Managers:

Rolando Castro Córdoba 

(506) 2283-7080  


P.O. Box 134-2050, San José, Costa Rica


Governance in Guatemala  

The Fundación para el Medio Ambiente de Baja Verapaz (Baja Verapaz Foundation for the Defense of the Environment) (FUNDEMABV) is working to develop educational and cultural training plans and projects to protect and enhance the environment and natural resources in the department, in order to raise people’s awareness of how important it is to look after and protect their own environment. 

To appraise, develop, schedule, implement and assess development projects for the department, to introduce innovations that will enhance the use of natural resources without compromising the environment. 

Strategic Aim: To become an environmental organisation in Guatemala and play a leading role in the promotion, conservation and defence of natural resources as well as promoting sustainable development through environmental education and awareness raising; this will allow us to become a role model for successful work to other like-minded organisations. 

Governance work:   Working on a governance and transparency programme focusing on water is of vital importance to FUNDEMABV as the issue of water is one of our organisation’s key areas of work.  This is a real problem facing our country and immediate action needs to be taken to ensure water conservation, sustainable use, good practice, equitable distribution and good accountability amongst drinking water committees and other agencies responsible for water resources. 

Programme Managers:

Jeannette de Noak Herrera

Mario Alejandro Méndez Prera

(502) 59020952


FUNDEMABV Mailing Address:

Kilómetro 21.5, Carretera a San Lucas Número 58, EL CAMPESTRE,  Zona 1, Mixco, Guatemala

P.O. Box 15001

Governance in Honduras 

Asociación Hondureña de Juntas Administradoras de Sistemas de Agua (Honduran Association of Water Systems Administration Boards) (AHJASA) is working to provide technical support to water system administration boards, to help them develop into organisations that are duly equipped and technically, administratively and financially independent to be able to reach the goals for which they were created. 

Governance work: To make sure our partner and target communities have effective, quality water services in place within a self-sustainable environment.  To enhance governance among community organisations providing water and sanitation services. 

Programme Manager:

Omar Nuñez

(504) 239-0607  

Contact AHJASA:

Barrio San Rafael, Avenida Terencio Sierra

Edificio 502-b, Apartado Postal 1360

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Governance in Nicaragua 

Grupo de Promoción de Agricultura Ecológica (Economical Agriculture Promotion Group) (GPAE) is a network providing support to its members to improve their work in environmentally-friendly farming with their own target groups, through learning, research and communication processes and public policy advocacy to help achieve sovereignty and nutrition and food security and promote sustainable development. 

Governance work:  GTF work is based on the Human Right to Water.  While GPAE’s main focus is on nutrition based on the encouragement of environmentally-friendly food production, this has a lot to do with water, with our first priority being ensuring access to drinking water, followed by water for the production of healthy foods.  Raise rural people’s awareness of the legal framework in force in the country, by identifying those articles that are both central and local governments’ responsibility to be able to demand their enforcement.

Programme Manager:

María Lourdes García Estrada 

Email 2

(505) 2268-2438

Contact GPAE:

P.O. Box: A-136, Managua, Nicaragua

Website: /