Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

FAN Global independence

On the 1st of August 2012, FAN Global became an independent organisation.


Here follows some key information about this change:


Who supported FAN Global up to this point?

Over the years, FAN Global has been supported by a number of institutions including its host WaterAid which has provided invaluable organizational and financial support to FAN since its establishment in 2000, including hosting the global secretariat in their offices in London.

What does independence mean?
FAN Global is a registered UK charity, independent of WaterAid, governed by an international board of trustees and supported by a small secretariat. With reduced capacity in the global secretariat, the five regional networks (the African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW), FAN Central America, FAN Mexico, FAN South America and FAN South Asia) work collaboratively to ensure FAN Global’s success in building the capacity of southern civil society to influence water and sanitation policy. Most global level activities will be undertaken collaboratively by the member networks, on behalf of FAN Global.

What’s the new structure?
Previously FAN was governed by a Governing Council which provided strategic guidance to the global secretariat. The new structure is:

Board of Trustees: Board members were appointed by the regional networks to oversee FAN Global.

Global Management Team: The Global Management Team (GMT) is made up of the regional coordinators from each consortium member – Jorge Mora (FAN Central America), Murali Ramisetty (FAN South Asia), German Rocha (FAN South America), Nathalie Seguin (FAN Mexico) and Baker Yiga (ANEW). The team will work together in the interests of FAN Global as a whole, to ensure that strategy and policy positions are developed in a way that balances the interests and perspectives of FAN Global members and advance the mission and values of FAN Global.

Secretariat: The secretariat facilitates, enables and coordinates the network to achieve its mission and deliver its strategy.