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Get involved with the World Walks for Water!

I'm really pleased to announce this year's global campaigning event for World Water Day, The World Walks for Water!

FAN is collaborating with End Water Poverty and WSSCC to bring thousands of grassroots activists together to stand up to governments across the globe and challenge them to end the water and sanitation crisis.

This crisis sees women walk 40 billion hours per year carrying water weighing 18 kg which is still not safe to drink. It causes death, disease, missed educations and missed lives.

We want to stand in solidarity with the women and children forced to walk such long distances and hours just to find water. So we're asking you to either organise, or join, a 6 km walk on World Water Day 2011, from 19-22 March 2011.

Or, you can register your walk on the website for fun and to make a difference too! We want you to use your walks to make noise and get attention. So dress up, invite the media, do something outrageous and above all - make it political.

Watch this video for inspiration:

Last year, hundreds of FAN members got involved with The World's Longest Toilet Queue in a fantastic day of action that saw 100,000 people take part in an amazing 80 countries around the world demonstrating what a massive impact we can make when we join forces and unite with one voice.

The event took place ahead of a key meeting in Washington DC of developing and developed country governments who then made commitments to make a difference. Like the effort of Burkina Faso's government which announced no new home in the country would be built without a toilet from then on.

Let's build on on our fantastic work so far and speak out loud and clear to the world's leaders again this year, please join in and get involved!

Find out more and get involved on the World Walks for Water website

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