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III Community Water Management Fair Mexico 2011

The third Community Water Management Fair, Mexico, is a learning forum for local government, communities, academics and students on topics including mining, water management, sanitation and pollution organised by Grupo de Estudios Anbientales AC (GEA) and takes place on 8-10 June 2011.

After participating in previous years, this year FANMex are playing a significant part in supporting and organising the event. 

This year, FANMex has strengthened a space for sanitation with one whole afternoon dedicated to it. There will also be ten different working groups including one on RTWS at which Nathalie Seguin, FANMex Regional Coordinator, will do a presentation on rights based on the FAN Global resource, the Activist’s Handbook.

Three members from FANCA have been invited to present on their successful campaigning against mining. This south-south learning activity is a result of the contact that has come about between the regions through the global network. 

Find out more and follow events as they happen on the Spanish version on this page and on GEA's website (these pages are in Spanish but you can use google translate to give you a rough translation)