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Recapitulación sobre la Semana Africana del Agua

What a week it was! It started with the Civil Society Forum, where ANEW members came together to discuss and strategize about the week and to put together a statement for presentation to the the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW).  

As delegates filed into the session the first day they were greeted by singing and dancing before the session kicked off ... 


with the entrance of the Ethiopian president and speeches from key stakeholders. Unfortunately, CSOs do not yet have a formal role in the part of the programme but this is a key part of civil society demands in the statement attached below. 

On day one, Mrs. Catherine Mwango, Executive Director, Kenya Water for Health and member of ANEW shared her thoughts equity being treated as a passing issue in the AWW3 agenda and keynote addresses. Dr. George W. Chaima, Executive Director of New Restoration Malawi shared his first impressions and even a quick interview with a colleague from a water utility. 

Fleur Anderson, International Campaign Coordinator for End Water Poverty shared her impressions of day one as well as her thoughts on the Sanitation and Water for All meeting held before AWW3 kicked off. Mara Van Den Bold programme officer at WaterAid, also shared her thoughts throughout the week. 

The week was full of opportunities to network and learn from other partners and I had the chance for a quick more formal interview with ANEW member Patrick Apoya former member of the ANEW board. 

Kalaluka Mubu, an ANEW member from the Zambia NGO WASH Forum shared his thoughts on the capacity building and financing sessions and what this means for his work in Zambia and Abdul-Nashiru (Nash) spoke with me about the working relationship of WaterAid and ANEW.

I had a very exciting opportunity to meet Feliciano Dos Santos from Mozambique, winner of the Grassroots Champion Award for dedicating his life and his music to campaigning for better public health through clean water and adequate sanitation. 

Dos Santos sang us all a song to thank everyone for the award...


Perhaps the best part of the week was having the opportunity all week long to share a stand with colleagues from WaterAid, ANEW, Freshwater Action Network and End Water Poverty. Although we all play a different role in the sector (INGO, regional network, international network and global campaign respectively) working together this week as a great way to maximize all of our impact and explore opportunities for future work. 


Right: Timeyin (WaterAid UK), Jamillah (ANEW), Me, (Kolleen, FAN), Fleur (EWP)

WASH United was right next to all of us and (pictured below) Thorston from WASH United stops by to check out the FAN Rights to Water and Sanitation Handbook to which he was a major contributor. 

It was an exhausting but fabulous week! Watch this space for the final outcome documents and if you were at Africa Water Week 3 be sure to share your thoughts and experiences! If you weren't there - ask us some questions about the week's activities! 


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