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WASH policy Nepal
Water and Climate Coalition proposals to the Climate Change Negotiations in Doha, Qatar, 26 November – 6 December 2012 Water and Climate Coalition
This Beyond 2015 campaign paper was coordinated by WASH United, Freshwater Action Network (FAN) Global and End Water Poverty. It is the outcome of a global thematic consultation on water and the post-2015 development framework focuses on setting out the importance of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); Water Resources Management; and Wastewater and Water Quality for the overall post-2015 development agenda. Beyond2015
A detailed 118 page toolkit for how to campaign and advocate for change, good for beginners and experts alike with everything from setting objectives to targetting people for influence, mapping the campaign and capacity building. WaterAid
An Introduction to Using the Media - A toolkit book on how to use the media to the advantage of a campaign or objective, how to engage in public debate. FAN
This document responds to the work done by the various entities that formed the thematic group “Ensuring access to water and sanitation for all and the Human Right to Water and Sanitation”, coordinated by the IDB with the support of UN HABITAT and the active participation of FANCA, FANMEX, ABDIB, GWP, CNA, CEHI, World Bank, ANEAS, ASCE, AIDIS, CAF and the University of Nebraska.
How FAN member Zambia Water and Sanitation Alliance (ZWASA) worked with the government to include the rights to water and sanitation in the country's constitution. Mubu Kalaluka
Impactos a la salud por la técnica del Fracking. Nathalie Seguin y Adriana Prieto