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Les membres de FANSA se mobilisent durant la Journée mondiale des toilettes

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FANSA members throughout the region mobilised on World Toilet Day - a day to celebrate the importance of sanitation and raise awareness for the 2.6 billion people who don't have access to toilets and proper sanitation.

FANSA governance program (GTF) partners organised community meetings and campaigns to demand the right to water and sanitation from the government. It was the first ever time all GTF partners organised a public event around World Toilet Day.

MARI, one of the GTF partners, based in Warangal (Andhra pradesh) has sensitized local government officials about World Toilet Day, which led to successful initiation of toilet construction in two villages for 100 families through the Rural water supply dept (RWS) in Gudur block of Warangal district.

CRSD, Anantapur (Andhra Pradesh) had organised public meeting on water and sanitation issue with close collaboration of concerned government department.

Sathee, from Jharkhand, initiated postcard campaign at community level to demand for safe water and sanitation delivery from state government. The postcards with demands were sent to the District Magistrate, the Chief Minister, the Minster of water supply and other local authorities.

Report from CRSD

CRSD has organized mass meetings on World Toilet Day in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh. There were a total of 444 participants in the four mandal level interface meetings involving the communities - (Atmakuru, Rapthadu, Singanamala and Kuderu) and the respective government service providers from the departments of Housing, Rural Water Supply and Mandal Parishat Development Offices. The events, which were held simultaneously in all the areas, were a big success.  A demand for the construction of toilets in the household level as well as the schools was made in a big way.  The concerned officers were made to explain the reasons for the delay in construction and the payment of the bills for the Individual household latrine (IIHL).  A huge effort to educate people on toilets was also carried out. Several advocacy petitions were submitted, CRSD is planning to have follow up meeting to see where the bottle neck is.

MARI, Wrangal

Modern architect of rural india (MARI), based in Warangal district of Andhra pradesh state, organized a campaign on World Toilet Day in its project areas with the cooperation and participation of Civil Society Organizations, Government Officials, Panchayat Raj members, Students, Teachers, Women and community members. MARI organized  rally and mass meeting  in Bajara Yellpur village of Tadvai mandal Balnayak Thanda of Gudur mandal, in Warangal district. The event raised the awareness in its FANSA's governance program areas as well as also initiating actions in some of the nearby rural areas.

More than 350 people participated in the rally and minute-long mass squat with slogans demanding the government provides quality toilet facilities. The local government officials from Rural water supply department  promised to sanction the required number of toilets for the eligible families in the governance program villages by the end of November 2010. The officials appealed to the community to complete the construction of their toilet and bathrooms as soon as possible and maintain them properly in order to get "Open Defecation Free" status applied to their villages.

On the same occasion, community members came forward to ensure 100% coverage of Toilets and Bath Rooms (TBR) for the entire toilet-less families and complete the construction of TBR by the end of January 2011.

On that occassion, community members launched construction of toilet and bathroom facility under  guidance of Gram Vikas (Odissa, another FANSA GTF partners) and MARI. The district government is providing financial resources for this purpose. Villagers of Tandvai and gudur mondal expressed their willingness to make their villages open defecation free by January 2011.

Sathee, Jharkhand

Sathee, Jharkhand-based FANSA GTF program partners have initiated massive postcard campaign to demand for quality toilet and safe drinking water from state  government. GTF staff had organized series of village level meetings in program districts (Godda, Jamtara,Dumka,Pakur and Sahebganj district) during past few weeks. Many villages are shown as having open defecation free status and 100% sanitation coverage by the Rural water supply department. Even an online database of departmnets presents data regarding coverage of sanitation coverage but in reality the villages are lacking these basic facilities.

To combat the misreporting of levels of service provision in villages by local authorities, Sthee has initiated a massive postcard campaign in governance program villages. In this campaign, villagers are themselves writing postcards to the President of India, the Prime minister of India, the Chief minister of Jharkhand, the Governor of Jharkhand state, the Chief Secretary of Jharkhand and the Distrcit Magistrate of their respective districts about lack of service delivery in their villages.

The Jharkhand state government has announced Panchayat election (local body election) December 2010. In the next stage of this campaign - community will demand that the electoral representatives providing basic services.

Congratulations to all partner organizations and staff team members for organizing successful advocacy events in such limited time.

View picasa web album of world toilet day event

reported by Neelkanth Misra
FANSA GTF South Asia Regional Coordinator,
Skype: neelkanth.mishra

World Toilet Day in Pakistan

The Society for Conservation and Protection of Environment (SCOPE) attempts to mainstream ìthe culture of cleanliness and raise national awareness about safe sanitation and community led total sanitation.  The celebration in Tharparkar held at Mithi was hosted by SCOPE in collaboration with FANSA and End Water Poverty.

In Tharparkar the problem of lack of proper access to toilet and sanitation facilities is alarming and its potential to cause epidemics is very real everywhere. Especially at the time we are experiencing intermittent rains here and there, the people cannot feel safe because most of the drinking water source are likely to be contaminated.
On this occasion all participants called on the government to pay more attention to sanitation issues and possibly to create a ministry and appoint a minister in charge for proper management of sanitation in Pakistan.
Reported by Mahjabeen Khan, Pakistan

World Toilet Day in Nepal

The WSSCC WASH Chapter Nepal and Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) jointly announced the WASH Media Award 2010. The award was distributed on World Toilet Day 2010 to the winning journalists from five development regions and from the central level for their noteworthy write up on sanitation issues published within 5 June – 31 October 2010.
Toilet pictures awarded

Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) and its allies jointly organized the Toilet Photo Competition to promote healthy toilet usage and to provide the perception regarding usage of toilet in different parts of the country. Best photographs of amateur youth photographers were awarded at a function organized to mark World Toilet Day 2010.

To view all photographs, follow this link:


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