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We can't solve problems in the future with the same infrastructure and institutions that have created them

My first impression when the Stockholm World Water Week started was that the ambience of this event was much more human size than World Water Forum where distances and security systems transform the sharing, learning and lobbying experience, making it very difficult.

Our rights session 'best session of the week' at Stockholm

Hilda Coelho speaking on the rights based approach at Stockholm Water Week 2011

For my first visit to Stockholm International Water Week, I was conscious of representing FAN, FANSA and CRSD in this prestigious event as well as having the opportunity to advocate for the rights based approach which we have been following for more than two decades.

Calling all climate change advocates: how to link up national activities with UNFCCC?

A couple of weeks ago, I attended Stockholm Water Week. One of the first sessions I participated in was the Water and Climate Coalition (WCC) meeting in which we discussed preparations for the UN climate change negotiation's next meeting (COP-17, November). I raised the question of how can we link up our advocacy work at the international level with what civil society organisations might be doing at the national level?

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