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The human right to water has a value

Please note this blog was updated on 25 April 2013 to reflect the fact the clip which is discussed was produced in 2005 and Peter Brabeck has since updated his position - that water is a human right, but not a free good

In an interview produced for the documentary We Feed the World, Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck claimed that considering water a human right is an extreme solution. The video, which has recently been circulating in social media, is in fact from 2005 and Brabeck has since updated his position. However, it highlights the most common misconception about the human rights to water and sanitation which is still prevalent today - that it entails an obligation to provide a free supply of water to meet people's basic needs.

Progress at High Level Meeting of Sanitation and Water for All Partnership

The Sanitation & Water for All Partnership made good progress at its recent 'High Level Meeting' convened by UNICEF at the World Bank Spring Meeting on 20 April 2012.  Civil society advoca

Water, sanitation and Rio20: the importance of rights

The importance of the rights to water and sanitation for sustainable development in paramount and must be included in the solutions at Rio+20 but recently there have been attempts to weaken human rights language.

Human Rights to Water Food Energy: Bonn Nexus

When we began FAN in 2001, the human right to water and sanitation was far from secure and subject to much debate between NGOs and goverments. So it was significant to be present at BonnNexus 2011 ten years later as a member of the Stakeholder Advisory Group and panellist on Human Rights.

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