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What could possibly come out of Cancun?

Colleagues; this is  my last day here at CoP-16 at Cancun, so it could be possibly my last blog.

……..and finally water splashed loud at Cancun!!

Good news, the mission of Water and Climate Coalition (WCC) is achieved to great extent as sounds of water splash were heard clear and loud by the world community at Moon Palace Hotel Cancun on Sat

Can we afford to not to highlight water in climate change discourse at Cancun?

This morning I had to rush Cancun Messe to catch the meeting of Water and Climate Coalition (WCC), in which members had to update each other about their lobby efforts.

Kyoto controversy…. bad news from Cancun

A dispute over the question of extension of Kyoto Protocol beyond its shelf life expiry date 2012 has created water down effect on already “not so hopeful” climate talks here at Cancun.

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