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Governance meeting - sharing learning from programme successes

GTF partners shared programme successes at the Big Meeting in Hyderabad

The Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) Big Meeting took place in Hyderabad from May 16 to 20, 2011. It was the third meeting to share progress made so far in the 15 GTF country programs and to develop mechanisms for learning and sharing among different stakeholders. Read more of Murali’s thoughts on the meeting…

Bringing ‘people’s perspectives’ to SACOSAN IV

This year, we're working hard to bring grassroots voices to the South Asian Conference on Sanitation IV which I hope will finally bring us the sincere response from South Asian governments and leaders we’ve been waiting for.

Experience of participating in CSD-13

Getting the opportunity to participate in CSD-13 held in UN Headquarters was really an exciting time for me. While walking towards UN building on the first day I recollected the images of most thrilling sessions we had in our village school hut on the “UNO” chapter. Probably that was only part of Social Studies subject which somehow attracted me and helped me finally secure pass marks.

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