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5th World Water Forum, Istanbul

Around 50 members of the FAN Global consortium actively participated at WWF5, held in Istanbul, in March 2009.  Some were fully funded by FAN, others received partial support and some harnessed their own support from alternative sources. This illustrates the growing strength of the regional networks affiliated to FAN and demonstrates the quality of the delegation. View a list of participants fully and partially supported by FAN (PDF 31Kb).

FAN's aim was to achieve effective and coordinated participation throughout the forum by NGOs and community based organizations from Africa, Asia and Latin America. FAN worked with consortium members, BothENDs, WaterAid, FAN Central America (FANCA), African Civil Society Network on Water and Sanitation (ANEW), FAN-South Asia (FANSA), FAN-Mexico (FAN-Mex) and FAN South America (FANAS) to achieve this goal. We built on our experience from previous intergovernmental water meetings, including the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and the 3rd and 4th World Water Forums.

FAN activities at the Forum

  • Representative delegation of FAN members actively participating in the forum
  • Civil society organization pre-meeting in Istanbul a day in advance of the official forum
  • FAN and members exhibition stand
  • Session 4.1 Implementing the Right to Water and Sanitation (RTWS) for Improved Access successfully organized together with COHRE and other agencies
  • 4.1.2 Rights in Action: Sharing experiences on how civil society utilizes the RTWS as a tool to improve access for the poor and the marginalized organized by FAN
  • FAN publication of case studies on the rights to water and sanitation 

The sessions on ‘Bridging Divides for Water’ were divided into 6 themes. The topic ‘Implementing the Right to Water and Sanitation (RTWS) for Improved Access’ was included in the ‘Governance and Management’ theme. Due to our previous work on the right to water, FAN worked with the Centre of Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) to convene this topic which was divided into four sessions. FAN was able to ensure broad representation of NGOs from different regions, perspectives and areas of expertise.

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