ANEW member wins 3rd Kyoto World Water Grand Prize

ANEW member Katosi Women Development Trust (KWDT) received the 3rd Kyoto World Water Grand Prize at the closing ceremony of the 6th world water forum in Marseille France on 17th March 2012. 

It has been nine years since Kyoto city founded this award as the host city of the 3rd World Water Forum with the cooperation of many people concerned including the World Water Council and the International Soroptimists of Kyoto. This is the second time a FAN member has won the Kyoto Water prize in just the three years since the prize was launched. The award was founded to honor organizations that make grassroots activities in order to help solve the world’s water problems.

Masao Oshima Director Kyoto City: 

"To award of the prize, 225 organizations from 52 countries and regions applied which made the selection process very difficult. As result of the impartial selection by the prize committee, Katosi Women Development Trust was awarded for their marvelous work for solving the water problems in Uganda."

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Taeko Nakanishi, President, International Soroptimist of Kyoto Japan:

"We are proud to associate to an active contribution to solve of the serious water problems in the world. ….. and we all devote ourselves to social service for the improvement of the lives of women and girls." 

Margaret Nakato the Coordinator of the Katosi Women Development Trust received the prize:

“What makes me so happy today is that; 365 women now organized in 16 groups, are already playing different roles to increase their access to water and sanitation, play a leading role to changing attitudes of people and engaging in decision making.

"Global problems need local solutions, and solutions lie in the local communities through engaging those who are most affected by the problem. I thank the World Water Council for this initiative this prize that will facilitate tapping into the wealth of knowledge that is applied locally to solve global problems.

"All at KWDT join me to thank so much our partners in development who have always believed in what we are doing and have greatly contributed to KWDT winning the 3rd Kyoto world water grand prize."

Awarding ceremony at the Closure of the 6 World Water Forum on 17th March 2012 at Marseille France.