Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Begins the first round of Sustainable Development Goals

From december 19th to 21st of january, at the head quarter of the UN in NY, the first round of negotiations will take place and FAN will be represented by FANMex coordinator .
UN General Secretary said that:

"We are at a historic crossroads, and the directions we take will determine wether we will succeed or fail on our promises"

We agree with this statement and we have been consistently called through different coalition efforts as Beyond 2015, Keep Your Promises and Butterfly effect; and through direct national advocacy work to call for the higher level of ambition for the new Sustainable Development Goals. Always in full respect with the human rights principles and in particular with the Human right to water and sanitation with its links with the human right to food, to health and to a healthy environment.