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Call for solidarity: support communities affected by extreme weather in Mexico

A call from FAN Mexico to support communities with safe water following the recent bouts of extreme weather in the country. 
Dear friends,
Mexico has recently suffered a double blow. Manuel hit the Pacific coast on 15 September as a tropical storm and gained strength to become a hurricane on 18 September. Then, on 16 September, Hurricane Ingrid made landfall on the country's east coast. Twenty-four of Mexico's 31 states have been affected, with disaster declarations covering 312 towns in 14 states. Wide-spread flooding, mudslides, wrecked highways and bridges have severely affected the homes and livelihood of thousands. To date, the official death toll is 130, with close to 60,000 evacuees. In addition, 1.5 million acres of farmland have been declared lost so far. 
The southern state of Guerrero is the most severely hit. Acapulco, the main resort town of the area, received heavy media coverage and rescue teams were sent early on. Unfortunately, rural villages that were also hard hit have received scarce media coverage and no, fragmented or delayed humanitarian assistance. A tragic example is La Pintada a coffee-growing town that was buried after the hillside collapsed following the heavy rains. Regrettably, it took 5 days before any help was sent to assist the villagers. 
We are reaching out in order for you to help make a difference. Members of FANMEX, such as GEA, have worked with communities in the region for more than 20 years. The people in these villages have also sustained a double blow. In addition to long standing poverty and social exclusion, their livelihoods have been jeopardized and their homes flooded. According to our members in the field, the most urgent concern is the lack of access to drinking water in order to prevent diseases. To address their needs, we have looked into purchasing purifying filters from EOZ group. The non commercial cost of a filter is 16 USD (204 Mexican pesos). Each filter is capable of purifying 1.3L/min and it does not require an energy source, making it ideal given the power blackout most communities are facing. We are hoping to distribute as many filters as possible. 
In order to assure accountability, we will publish payment receipts on our website and Facebook pages. Once delivered, we will be able to tell you the number of filters installed and the list of beneficiaries.
Please make your donations to:
Name: Grupo de Estudios Ambientales y Sociales, A.C. Banco: Bancomer
Account: 0175704189
Clabe bancaria: 012180001757041892
Thanks for your support!
FAN Mexico