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Campaign Action 2015 starts: Global citizen mobilization

15.Jan. 15 The 2015 is a key year for the planet to get back on track. Three important meetings will be held :  Financing for Development Summit in Ethiopia in July, followed by the Post-2015 Summit in New York (September); and the COP 21 in December based in Paris.

World leaders will meet to set new goals for fight poverty, inequality, promote safe and peaceful societies , place sustainable development and human rights in public policy, protecting our ecosystem and promote an inclusive economy. 


FANGlobal networks will participate in advocacy processes  along with local organizations nationwide and through several coalitions in international platforms such as Beyond 2015,  Butterfly Effect and End Water Poverty.


Meanwhile seeks to mobilize citizens through Action 2015: campaign against climate change, inequality and poverty. FANGlobal networks will be participating through events that promote awareness of the planet´s future.  Always emphasizing the interest that all human beings should have access to good quality water and a decent toilet that doesn´t endanger the health of people and environment.