Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Central America

 Freshwater Action Network – Central America (FANCA) is a network of NGOs and Civil Society organisations working in 7 countries across Central America.


FANCA coordinate advocacy and research activities, facilitate learning and communication between its members, and bring the wealth of collective experience to regional and international events.

FANCA has a strong focus on community-based water management, advocacy, and the right to water and sanitation.


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Contact FANCA

ARCA (Asociación Regional Centroamericana para el Agua y el Ambiente)

P.O.Box 1852
Costa Rica

Regional Coordinator

Jorge Mora-Portuguez

Telephone: + 506 2280 6516

Fax: + 506 2281 3290

Regional Communications Officer

Andres Mora

Telephone: + 506 2280 6516

Fax: + 506 2281 3290