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Climate change and IWRM


Water is the primary medium through which climate change impacts will be felt by humans and the environment. The projected impacts of irreversible climate change on water resources stand to have a dramatic effect on vulnerable people and fragile environments all over the world, not least in developing countries.
Recognising this, it is critical that decision-makers place water resources management at the heart of policy responses to climate change. Currently, many decisions affecting water resources are taken 'outside the water box', and it is the aim of the FAN Global to raise the profile of water issues in relation to climate change in collaboration with its advocacy partner the Water and Climate Coalition.


UNFCCC negotiations May 2012 

Eklavya Prasad, FANSA member and Practitioner and Leader at Megh Pyne Abhiyan (Cloud Water Campaign), and Jorgelina Hardoy from the Latin American arm of the International Institute for Environment and Development are attended the climate change talks in Bonn in May 2012. Read a round up of their reflections and the key messages for water.


Water conspicuous by its absence at UNFCCC session on agriculture

By Eklavya Prasad

While reading the daily program I got attracted to a session in which contact group were to discuss on issues relating to agriculture at the Reger room. This was my first experience of witnessing a negotiation between the parties. The contact group was there to discuss on issues concerning agriculture listed under SBSTA 36 agenda item nine.

A first timer's view of the UN Climate Change talks

By Eklavya Prasad

Today was my 'first' for numerous circumstances. My first time in a climate change negotiations; my first day in the ongoing UNFCCC's Bonn Climate Change Talks; my first occasion of interaction with Karin Lexen and Karin Glaumann of Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI); and of course first day at Bonn in the open.

Navigation the acronyms at the UN climate change talks

By Jorgelina Hardoy
AWG-ADP, AWG-LCA, NAPs, NAPAS, CBDR, DC?! Jorgelina Hardoy, from the Latin American arm of the International Institute for Environment and Development, navigates the acronyms at the UNFCCC negotiations in Bonn.

Like a 'toad from another hole' - civil society at the UN climate change talks

By Leo Tambussi
When civil society has the opportunity to access events such as the UN climate change talks, we might tend to see ourselves 'as a toad from another hole', or 'Sapo de otro pozo' as we say in Spanish. Discussions appear to be in terms of national governments and according to policy implementation of developing countries without the voice from NGOs.

Update from first day of UNFCCC meeting in Bonn

By Jorgelina Hardoy
FANAS member, reports back from the first day of the UNFCCC meeting in Bonn, at the opening session of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) - 36th session.

Key messages for water

FAN partner the Water and Climate Coalition has prepared a positions document for the UNFCCC meeting in Bonn in May 2012. The main points are:

  • There needs to be a consolidated approach to address the pivotal role of water in UNFCCC programmes and mechanisms.
  • Water management knowledge should guide the work of the UNFCCC Adaptation Committee.
  • The Coalition welcomes the opportunity to illuminate water and climate change impacts and adaptation strategies at the technical workshop in Mexico City July 23-25.
  • A thematic action initiative on water resources should be developed under the Nairobi Work Programme.
  • Water should be highlighted as cost effective and equitable aspect in national damage, disaster and risk (DRR) strategies.
  • Water should be specifically addressed in the informative systems on safeguards and national REDD+ plans.

Read the full positions