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Alka Pande

Alka Pande is Journalist based in Lucknow, India; working as part of the FANSA media network and has provided updates on SACOSAN and the WSSCC Global Forum for Sanitation and Hygiene. A senior journalist and a correspondent of Reuters, Alka is also the Chief of Bureau of India Blooms News Service (IBNS) in Uttar Pradesh.

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Andrés Mora

Andrés Mora is from Costa Rica and is the Regional Communications Officer at FANCA (FAN Central America). He collaborated with FANCA partner Both ENDS on the award winning ‘Negotiated Approach' project.

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Beatriz Ruizpalacios

Beatriz Ruispalacios is the Communications and Funding Officer at FAN Mexico (FAN-Mex).

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Ceri dwen Johnson

Ceridwen Johnson worked as the Network and Communications Manager for FAN from January 2006 to March 2012. She has represented FAN - as mobilizer, facilitator,advocate and spokesperson - at high level fora in Africa, South Asia, Latin America as well as at international level and plays an active role in designing, planning and facilitating meetings and workshops. Ceridwen blogs about issues relating to civil society engagement, policy influencing and FAN Global successes.

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Danielle Morley

Danielle Morley is the Executive Secretary of the FAN Secretariat in London. Recruited by WaterAid to establish FAN in late 2001, Danielle has facilitated the growth of FAN from inception into the major global CSO network that it is today; overseeing the organizational development and funding of FAN Global as well as its skills, capacity building and global advocacy activities with partners.

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German Rocha

German Rocha is a Regional Coordinator of FAN South America (FANAS).

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Kolleen Bouchane

Kolleen Bouchane is the director of ACTION, an international partnership of civil society advocates working to mobilize resources to treat and prevent the spread of tuberculosis (TB). Prior to working with ACTION, Kolleen was the Advocacy and Learning Officer at the FAN Secretariat.

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Laj ana Manandhar

Lajana Manandhar is a FANSA steering committee member and National Convenor of FAN Nepal. She is also the Executive Director of LUMANTI, a non-government organization dedicated to the alleviation of urban poverty in Nepal through the improvement of shelter conditions.

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Murali Ramisetty

Murali Ramisetty is based in Hyderabad, India and is the Convenor of FANSA (FAN South Asia) and the Secretary of Modern Architects For Rural India (Mari).

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Muhammad Mustafiz

Muhammad Mustafiz is a journalist working as part of the FANSA media network and has provided updates on SACOSAN. He is also the Senior Staff Correspondent from New Age (Daily in Bangladesh).

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Nathalie Seguin

Nathalie Seguin is the Executive Director of FAN-Mex (FAN Mexico) and sits on the FAN Global governing council. She coordinates the FAN-Mex network and has represented FAN at many high level international events such as the World Water Forums and the UN climate change negotiations.

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Prakash Amatya

Prakash Amatya is FANSA's Regional Communication and Fundraising Officer and environmental activist, Prakash Amatya was awarded a lifetime membership of the International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (IRCSA) for his work and dedication in promoting and popularizing rainwater harvesting system in Nepal.

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Smritee Bajracharya

Smritee Bajracharya works with FAN Nepal, currently pursuing her masters' degree in USA.

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Sudha Goparaju

Sudha Goparaju Works with FAN South Asia.

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Tanveer Arif

Tanveer Arif was the Co-Convenor of FANSA Pakistan and the CEO of SCOPE - a student-driven nonprofit enterprise aimed at improving the high school education system.

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Tri Ratna

Tri Ratna works with NGO Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation.

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Yakub Hossain

Yakub Hossain has been the National Convenor of FAN Bangladesh since 2007 and the Deputy Executive Director of the Village Education Resource Center (VERC)from 1978. As a WatSan practitioner he was directly involved in the development of the Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) approach.

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