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– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

FAN members in the 'village of solutions'


File 1166Of the 1,500 solutions that were submitted to the forum, only 70 were selected. Those 70 included six FAN members:

  • Roy Kunyappy (FANSA): Waste utilization by vermicomposting and biogas production in Panchayats (PRIs) 
  • Vanessa Dubois (FANCA): Promoting governance through civil society participation – regional study (pictured right)
  • Prakash Amatya (FANSA): waste and wastewater management 
  • Fabiola Garduño SARAR (FANMEX): Sustainable sanitation community educational programme and SWASH+: Sustaining and scaling up water, sanitation and hygiene in schools 
plus community impact in Oaxaca State, Mexico 
  • Ron Sawyer SARAR (FANMex): strengths / Resourcefulness
/ Action planning / Responsibility 
  • File 1168Ali Akbar, Aware, FANSA, Pakistan, Mobile water purification plants for flood affected area (pictured right)

The Village of Solutions seeked to raise participants’ awareness through exhibits and special events in an interactive and educational way. The 'village' included a school, library, town hall, factory and bank and solutions related to these areas were displayed in each of the creatively designed spaces.

Watch a video of Prakash talking about his solution:  

Mass Media for WASH

The list is not complete. I also presented a solution at the Schools Pavilion on behalf of the West Africa Water and Sanitation Journalists Network. Theme: MASS MEDIA AS A TOOL OF SOLVING WASH CHALLENGES OF THE URBAN AND RURAL POOR

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