Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Freshwater Action Network South America (FANAS)


The South American network is a network of civil society organisations, aiming to promote participation of local and national actors in all stages of water policies formulation. The network also works to strengthen grassroots organisations by sharing experiences, building capacity and enhancing the visibility of activities.


  • To promote and strengthen South-American local actors' participation within the legal, social, environmental, economic and political aspects, within the main discussions and elaboration of policies and norms regarding water.
  • To articulate and coordinate joint efforts with other organisations and networks in different parts of the world, especially in the rest of Latin America.
  • To enhance local actors education and capacity-building for a more effective participation within the different aspects of the decision-making process.
  • To promote the realization that water is for human consumption and sanitation is a fundamental right.

Contact FANAS

Instituto Internacional de Medio Ambiente y Desarrollo – IIED-América Latina
Carlos Melo 2698
CP1602 – Vicente Lopez
Buenos Aires

Network Coordinator:

Leo Tambussi - IIED-AL, Argentina


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