Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Governance structure

After March 2014, FAN will be transferring its head quarters from London to the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland and incorporating itself under Swiss Law.

Once the transfer process is complete, FAN will be governed by an Executive Committee which will be answerable to FAN’s General Assembly.
Executive Committee – until the appointment of a coordinator and a secretariat team, the Executive Committee is in charge of the day-to-day running of FAN’s global activities. It is made up of a president (Jorge Mora Portuguez, FANCA), a treasurer (Murali Ramisetty, FANSA) and a secretary (Yiga Baker, ANEW)
General Assembly – the General Assembly is the association’s supreme authority and is responsible for the association’s integrity and strategic direction. It is currently made up of the five constitutive regional networks. FAN plans to extend the membership of the General Assembly to include observer members as well as other civil society organisations.


Subscribers: are water and/or sanitation networks, NGOs focused on water and/or sanitation, international NGOs, advocacy/interest groups and community based organizations. They benefit from information shared and developed by FAN as well as provide information for sharing and dissemination themselves. Also includes individuals, organizations or interest groups involved in sustainable water management and water supply and sanitation that do not fall within the definition of ordinary members, but who support the aims and objectives of FAN.