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Governance, transparency and monitoring

2008 saw the launch of a five-year governance and transparency programme, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and coordinated by FAN Global and WaterAid.

The programme recognised that effective, well governed states are better at protecting people’s rights and providing services and aimed to improve the accountability and responsiveness of duty bearers to ensure equitable and sustainable WASH services for the poorest and most marginalised communities in the global South.


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Key resources

Governance and transparency programme case studies - South Asia

Learn more about the programme in South Asia, which was implemented by Freshwater Action Network South Asia and a number of its members in India and Bangladesh, by downloading the following case studies:



Using the Right to Information to deliver WASH in Andhra Pradesh (PDF 1.3Mb)

Improving water and sanitation access for Dalits in Andhra Pradesh (PDF 1.1Mb)
Improving WASH through social inclusion in Odisha (PDF 980Kb)

Empowering rural communities to demand WASH services in Jharkhand (PDF 830Kb)


Improving WASH accountability in Bangladesh (450Kb)


File 2113



WaterAid website

Youn can download a series of thematic handbooks focussing on five learning themes that emerged from the governance and transparency programme from the WaterAid website - on creating strong community-based organisations, power analysis, networking, engaging with stakeholders and sustainability.

Visit WaterAid's website to download the resources


The governance and transaprency programme in Uganda

Download Uganda's governance programme newsletter (PDF 1.7Mb)


Learning from experience - rights and governance advocacy in the water and sanitation sector

The first learning document to emerge from the Governance and Transparency Fund (GTF) program is an overview of the work partners have been doing around governance advocacy. It outlines how different tools have been used, describes progress made to date, highlights methods used for learning between partners and draws out some common lessons. This publication will be of practical interest to FAN members, sector stakeholders and peers.

Download Learning from experience - Rights and governance advocacy in the water and sanitation sector (PDF 1Mb)

This document is also available in Spanish (PDF 1Mb) and French (PDF 1Mb)

Download the introduction to the programme (PDF 215Kb)