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Post Millennium Development Goals development framework

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the global development framework which aims to encourage development by improving social and economic conditions in the world's poorest countries, expires in 2015. Although work to improve progress on the current framework continues, consultations have started on the content of a future framework that will succeed the Millennium Development Goals.


Although some progess towards achieving the MDGs has been made, progress on water has been uneven and 768 million people still do not have access to safe drinking water. The MDG sanitation target is far from being reached and, if current rates of progress continue, will not be met in sub-Saharan Africa for another 200 years. It is vital that current efforts are improved to improved to ensure access to the safe water and sanitation for all, essential for people’s health, dignity and livelihoods.


In contrast to the process that developed the MDG goals, this time the UN wants to ensure that the process is open, participatory and inclusive which means there are a number of ways in which civil society can now get involved. 


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Take action

Write to your government to call for universal goal on WASH

Last month the High Level Panel released a report outlining their vision for the post 2015 agenda.The report contains illustrative goals and targets, one of which is a goal on universal access to water and sanitation - which is fantastic but we are disappointed to see that the specific targets on sanitation do not reflect this ambition. Now is the time to write to your government, drawing their attention to the report's illustrative goals and asking them to call for the post 2015 framework to contain a universal goal on WASH. Contact us for a template letter that you can adapt.


Sign the Keep Your Promises petition

To ensure that immediate action is taken to meet the Millenium Development Goal target for sanitation and to achieve universal access to WASH, we need to show world leaders that there is a huge groundswell of demand. This is why we are aiming to collect over 1 million signatures for the Keep Your Promises petition to hand in to world leaders at the MDG Review Summit in September 2013.

Much can be done in advance of the summit and that's why as supporters of the EWP campaign, we are holding a national petition hand in week - between the 2nd and 6th September - during which we hope FAN Global members will arrange their own national hand ins with the government representative who will attend the MDG review summit, so that they know there is a big demand for safe drinking water and sanitation and that it should be made a priority.


See a list of permanent representative and observers to the United Nations in New York

Other actions

Sustainable Development Goals

FAN Global partner Stakeholder Forum is coordinating an online consultation, called the E-inventory, on the Sustainable Development Goals. They have now published their analysis of the proposals submitted to the E-inventory to date showing how often issues are mentioned - the full breakdown can be found on the Sustainable Development 2015 website

At the moment, water is the 10th most mentioned issue - as it appears in 23 proposals - and although sanitation is not far behind in the number of mentions, 21, this is not quite enough to ensure that it appears in the top 10 list. If you haven't already done so, there is still time (until September) for you to submit a response into this

Engage into the United Nations Non-Governments Liaison Service consultation

In partnership with the Post 2015 planning team, the UNGLS has launched a consultation to gather the views of civil society on four major reports; the High Level Panel report, the UN Sustainable Development solutions Network, the UN Global Compact and the UN Development Group report. It is particularly keen to receive inputs from southern-based civil society, full details can be found on the World We Want website.

The deadline for submitting written contributions in English, Spanish and French is 12 July 2013. The deadline for submitting written contributions in Arabic is 1 July 2013 due to Ramadan.


The consultation will also draw on inputs from regional teleconferences in Arabic, English, French, and Spanish, aimed at increasing the analytical contributions from South-based civil society. Find out more about how you can take part in the regional teleconferences

Engage in Stockholm International Water Institute consultation

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) has launched an online dialogue forum for the development of a Stockholm Statement directed at the 68th UNGA, advocating for a Sustainable Development Goal on water. They are gathering inputs on what civil society thinks are the most important issues to highlight to the UNGA 68 within the themes of Governance, Quality, Vulnerability, Sanitation & Drinking and Water and Productivity. Find out more about how you can get involved on their website


Respond to the High Level Panel report

Following on from the release of the High Level Panel report, a number of outreach events are being held to enable civil society organisations to to share their views - full details can be found on the High Level Panel website


Latest news

Response to the UN post MDG water paper

22 May 2013
Together with End Water Poverty and WASH United, FAN Global has responded to the UN water consultation report, suggesting room for improvement around governance and accountability, gender, targeting of aid and sector budgets, inequalities and rights.

FAN Global's open letter to the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the post-2015 development agenda

20 March 2013
Read FAN Global consortium members' open letter to the High Level Panel calling for water to be a distinct goal in the post-2015 development framework.

Water is central to sustainable development

19 March 2013
The Beyond 2015 campaign coalition's position paper on water - which was jointly coordinated by FAN Global, WASH United and EWP - has been released highlighting the central role of water to the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

A Rwandan perspective: my messages for the post MDG development agenda

18 March 2013

Read a blog by Christian Muhawenimana, Executive Director of COFORWA, a leading Rwandan NGO working on WASH and ANEW member on his priorities for the post-2015 development agenda which fed into the UN thematic consultations on water.

Water should be a distinct goal in the post-MDG framework

5 March 2013

FAN Global has been championing the need for a distinct goal on water and sanitation the UN thematic consultation in Bonn.


Channels for influence

Beyond2015 campaign

Beyond2015 is a global civil society campaign aiming to influence the creation of a post 2015 development framework. Beyond2015 brings together more than 570 civil society organisations (including many networks) in over 95 countries around the world.

Position paper on water for UN thematic consultation: Freshwater Action Network (FAN) Global, End Water Poverty and WASH United are working together as the coordinating body for the Beyond2015 campaign position paper on water which will feed into the UN thematic consultation which is being organised by UN Water, UNDESA and UNICEF. After an initial round of consultation, a draft paper was circulated on 1 February 2013. FAN's current advocacy priorities are reflected well in the document, including messages on sustainable development, governance and the rights to water and sanitation, read more in Call for input - UN thematic consultation on water


You can receive all the latest updates from Beyond 2015  by joining the google group or follow the website.


UN consultations

UN thematic consultation on water: the thematic consultation on water is part of the UN-led “global dialogue” comprising around 100 Country Consultations and 11 global thematic consultations including one on water. The water consultation is mainly taking place online, through a web-based discussion using social media. The purpose is to bring in voices from a broad range of stakeholders to build a consensus around key future challenges in water and the need for a new global water goal in the post-2015 development agenda. There are many ways to engage with the UN consultations, download a word document outlining these (Word 1.5Mb) and visit the main hub page, Facebook page or follow @waterpost2015


National and regional consultations

From April 2012 to December 2012, UN country teams undertook national level consultations in up to 50 countries which aimed to capture the voices of as many stakeholders as possible, including civil society. Find out more about the national consultations on the World we want website


From September 2012 – October 2013, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Beyond 2015 and GCAP working with the International Forum of NGO Platforms, will create a global civil society position on a post-2015 framework via a series of national civil society deliberations. Beyond 2015 and GCAP have established national hubs in 30 countries, replace an overview of each national hub's planned activities, reports from events, on the Beyond2015 website


These national level consultations are not specific to water but make sure you get engaged to ensure water and the environment issues are central to the deliberations of the national dialogues.

Further reading

Download an UNDP presentation (PPT 2.2Mb) detailing the full consultation process


Download a presentation on the technical detail (PPT 524Kb) of the post-MDG content on water and sanitation Proposal for consolidated drinking water, sanitation and hygiene targets, indicators and definitions


Find out more about the post-MDG process on the UN website