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Regional Campaign on Sanitation


Keep Your Promises on Sanitation   is a regional customised version of the international keeps your promises campaign.   The campaign is calling on decision makers to stick to the pledges they have made on sanitation. Decision makers have made promises locally, nationally, regionally and globally to get sanitation to the poorest communities in South Asia, where over a one billion people don’t use improved sanitation and 700 million practice open defecation - however, words are not enough and actions are required to end this human development and public health crisis. 
The campaign aims to  establish a broad based alliance comprising of both WASH and non-WASH civil society organisations  (such as groups working on the right to health, education and nutrition).Through this broad based citizens’ alliance a  political momentum will be created for improving sanitation sector governance by attaching high political priority, improving accountability, increasing and targeting resources and creating mass awareness to address the massive challenge of undignified sanitation conditions.
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