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Sanitation Campaign Launch


The launching of the regional campaign on sanitation will take place on March 18-19, 2013 in Kathmandu. The regional campaign on sanitation aims to create political momentum and a drive for improving sanitation sector governance by attaching high political priority, improving accountability, increasing and targeting resources and creating mass awareness to address the massive challenge of undignified sanitation conditions of about one billion people in the SAARC region.
The citizens’ forum during launch event will comprise on following main tasks:
  • Finalization of the Citizens Charter on sanitation to be advocated throughout the campaign.
  • Finalization of a generic South Asia specific sanitation status statement to be presented to the MPs on the following day.
  • Articulation of citizens voices for sanitation and campaign plan in the press meet
  • Sharing of country level campaign plans
  • Preparation for participation in the campaign launch public event planned for 19th March
Regional campaign launch event along with civil society meeting also include parliamentary forum and public event. During two day launch event, one day is dedicated to CSO meeting on 18th March. FANSA will bring you more updates of the event. Keep connected!!
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