Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation


In April 2010, FAN launched its five-year strategy following a wide consultation ensuring it reflected the concerns and experiences of our members.


During the consultation, four thematic focus areas were identified: governance, transparency and monitoring; Integrated Water Resource Management and climate change; trans-boundary waters; and the rights to water and sanitation. It is hoped that the new thematic areas will provide a focus for FAN’s activities and should ensure better targeting of FAN Global’s influencing work.


FAN Global will also follow five strategic objectives to maximize impact at an important moment of our development while contributing towards our aim of ensuring that the global network’s regional hubs have the capacity and skills to accomplish their strategic aims at national, regional and international levels.


FAN Global's strategic objectives

  • By building the capacity of its regional networks, FAN Global will amplify the diverse voices of southern civil society and will work to create an enabling environment for influencing.
  • FAN Global will vigorously promote the generation of evidence-based messages from people on the ground, so that policy debates may be informed by and accountable to what is needed by and what works for these people.
  • FAN Global will work to incr ease the number of NGO advocates equipped with the skills to in fluence policymakers at national, regional and global levels.
  • FAN Global will facilitate ongoing knowledge transfer throughout its membership to strengthen regional networks.
  • FAN Global becomes a strong and sustainable network with a reputation for effectiveness and efficiency.

Download the strategy in English, French or Spanish.