Urgent need for climate change impacts on water policy

The key messages from a recent UNFCCC technical workshop included an urgent call for policy considerations on climate change impacts on water resources and adaptation strategies.


FAN-Mex Executive Director Nathalie Seguin participated in the workshop which resulted from the lobbying work FAN Global and the Water and Climate Coalition did to get water included in the climate change agenda at COP16 in Cancun. Read a blog of Nathalie's reflections from the workshop


The UNFCCC have now released the report on the Technical workshop in Mexico. Some of the recommendations and issues for follow-up identified in the
report are:

  • Water should be a thematic work area under the Nairobi work programme
  • Nairobi work programme could serve as information and knowledge broker, to match the supply and demand needs of developing country Parties, adaptation experts, practitioners and policymakers
  • Nairobi work programme could function as  ‘platform of platforms’, - an overarching  superstructure to identify and coordinate several aspects of work in relation both to water cc adaptation

On climate-resilient development no/low regrets measures essential,  Nairobi work programme to facilitate:

  1. Exchange of good practices from multiple levels, in particular those that have the potential to be scaled up and that are science-and evidence-based;
  2. Exchange of experience on transboundary and regional cooperation in adaptation;
  3. Inclusion of  a water and adaptation helpdesk to facilitate information sharing at multiple levels.

The Nairobi work programme could build awareness on the value of undertaking economic analyses, demonstrating the economic impacts of climate change and adaptation actions (i.e. the costs and benefits of adaptation options and the costs of non-action), using a variety of communication tools and could disseminate the results of such undertakings to diverse groups of stakeholders, including policymakers.

The Nairobi work programme could also help to foster international cooperation with regard to both financial and technical resources, as well as capacity-building for developing countries, including South–South capacity-building, in addressing climate change impacts on water resources.

The Nairobi work programme could play a role in providing relevant scientific and technical advice to relevant processes under the Convention, such as national adaptation plans and climate finance (e.g. recommendations for considering climate finance for transboundary adaptation projects).

Download the official UN report from the workshop
(PDF 255Kb)