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Water fountains will be installed in schools - Mexico


In Mexico there´s a whole generation that doesn´t know what water fountains are. Bottled water industry has controlled the market while public services delivery has been neglegted. This has made of Mexico the largest consumer of soft drinks in the world, consuming 163 liters per person in one year and the largest consumer of bottled water, 234 liters per person per year.


The Food Health Alliance organized a press conference to announce a huge step for mexican's health. The Food Health Alliance, which FANMex is member, got the approval of the Chamber of Deputies to install , within the next 3 years, water fountains in all primary schools in the country. 


This achievement is the beginning of a series of actions in the fight against childhood obesity in Mexico. The next step is free access to clean water in buildings and public spaces as well as shopping centers.

Nathalie Seguin from Freshwater Action Network Mexico, stated that the installation of drinking water fountains in primary schools is a major step on the way to the implementation of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation. Recalling that in February 2012 Mexico included this Human Right in the constitution, this law will  allow children to have access to water in sufficient quantity and quality throughout the school year. She underlined the importance of health and education ministries  that will have to integrate in their agenda the United Nations criteria of quality, availability and quantity of water.

Ron Sawyer from SARAR Transformation, member of FANMex, also reiterated that the water fountains should be accompanied by a proper sanitation installation and a good hiegyene practice of washing hands. These actions work as a primary barrier to prevent gastrointestinal diseases.


We hope that this achievement can serve as aincentive for other countries.