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World Water Day 2011

In 2011, FANSA members around South Asia took part in global campaign event The World Walks for Water in which a fantastic 350,000 people took part. Find out more at the links below.

World Water Day Celebration at Thatta, Sindh

A Report by Bharumal Amrani

More than 600 people thronged on the roads of Thatta to raise their voice before the national and international community, on the eve of World Water Day. They sought their help to save the Indus Delta, release water at Kotri downstream and ensure provision of their water share.

Water Supply and Sanitation a Distant Dream to the Poor

A Report by Alka Pandey

In the city of Lucknow – the capital of the biggest north Indian state, Uttar Pradesh – over 31 percent of people do not have toilets in their homes and use open areas for defecation. More than 37 percent of people do not have access to water. The resulting situation is that over 60 percent of the population is suffering from water borne diseases.

World Walks for Water in Nepal

A report by Anil Sthapit, Guthi

FAN Nepal, in collaboration with government bodies, NGOs and CBOs organized 'World Walks for Water' in different parts of Nepal to raise awareness on the world's water and sanitation crisis and demand strong government action to stop the needless deaths of 4,000 children every day as a result.