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World Water Day 2013 photo highlights

22 March 2013 was World Water Day and many members used the day to carry out advocacy to tackle the world's water and sanitation crisis. See just a small selection of their photo highlights.


World Walks for Water 2013


Many members organised walks as part of the global World Walks for Water and Sanitation campaigning event which saw thousands of people from all over the world walked together to demand political change and to call on governments to keep their promises on water and sanitation.



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In Uganda, over 500 people, including many school children, walked for water and sanitation in Kampala City, calling on the Ministry of Water and Environment to provide a minimum of first 10 litres of water for free to every Ugandan.


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Youtube of celebrations in Kampala City


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In Nicaragua, 300 people walked during Nuestra Agua 2013, a global water fair which the Latin American networks played a leading role in organising.


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In Kerala, India, FANSA member Centre for Community Health Research (CCHR) organised events which saw hundreds of people from different walks of life take part in a variety of activities including rallies, publicity stunts, street theatre, bands and poetry to raise awareness of water and sanitation issues. Public meetings with district officials saw the presentation of a Citizens’ Charter on sanitation calling on decision makers to keep their promises on water and sanitation. 

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In Nepal, a regional event brought together civil society organisations, MPs and journalists from across the South Asia to call for change. A number of aware raising events, including a walk for water, culminated with a meeting with the secretariat of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) where MPs and civil society representatives delivered both the citizens’ charter and an MP statement calling for action to change the lives of over 700 million people in South Asia who still defecate in the open.


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In Pakistan, IRSP and FANSA organized walks to raise awareness on how precious water is in the remote area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan where people face problems of water scarcity as well as a poor law and order situation.


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In Liberia, the CSO WASH network's campaign ended its walk with a sit in at the Ministry of Public Works and Finance and a press conference. 15,000 signatures were collected calling the president and her county and national level officials to action. The signatures were presented to the office of the president of Liberia and goodwill ambassador for WASH in Africa.



Other events


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In Khulna, Bangladesh, the Southwest Youth Water Forum of Initiative for View (IRV) organized a rally and a discussion in the Aila-affected and climate vulnerable district of Dakope. Participants created a human chain in front of Kalinagar Union Parishad and called for the conservation of ponds and reservoirs as sources of drinking water and a more coordinated approach to water and sanitation provision.


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Andhra Pradesh

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In Andhra Pradesh, India, 170 community leaders, water and sanitation activists, school management committee members and children in Anantapur city raised awareness of the lack of WASH facilities in schools with local government representatives who promised to solve issues in nearly 50 schools in the district. The photo above shows children raising concerns about WASH in schools with the Community Mobilization Officer, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. 

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In Odisha, India, UDYAMA celebrated World Water Day with community members, women leaders and young people in Titlagada, one of the most water stressed areas in the region which is experiencing significant climate changes. They raised awareness on a number of issues including the centrality of water and climate change to sustainable development and the importance of including civil society participation as part of the solution.


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