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World Water Forum 6 in Marseille, France

The Sixth World Water Forum in Marseille, France kicked off on Monday 12 March. Over 20 thousand people from 144 countries discussed for a week water issues and make decisions for the future of this vital liquid. The event involved representatives, legislators, ministers, business, and civil society representatives, among others. 

FANSA has led a delegation of 14 people from its national chapters and those who participate in various sessions and panels. Along with other members of civil society worldwide advocacy work carried out aimed at improving the quality of life of people and their communities.

Civil society have joined forces this opportunity to achieve greater influence on the conclusions of the forum, trying to get all social organizations and their members pointing in the same direction. For this purpose, created the initiative known as the butterfly effect.

On Monday morning was held a preparatory meeting for organizations involved in the butterfly effect where in addition to planning the work of incidence for the next few days, also released a document containing the messages of this civil society initiative for the Sixth World Water Forum. These posts protrude the need for implementing the human right to water, public participation, funding for water and sanitation and the need to empower the experiences of community management of water.

In the afternoon held a press conference also under the butterfly effect, followed by a walk through the human right to water by civil society representatives who walked around the complex where the forum is made world and have their stands many countries and organizations related to water resources, to call attention to the urgency that is a true implementation of human rights to water and sanitation.

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