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World Water Forum

What is the World Water Forum?

The World Water Forum is the largest water event in the world. It offers opportunities for civil society to come out of the field and their local environments and be involved at the international level, to share their local experiences and influence policies.

Why is FAN involved?

The learning potential is high with many opportunities for south-south learning and forging relationships with other organizations working on similar issues through networking with diverse actors outside of the meeting rooms.


Advocacy and policy influencing should not be the preserve of the big international organisations; our work allows smaller, often marginalized, organizations to play their role. Civil society participation in the forum aims to progress the commitments made previously, particularly the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development, UN Commission on Sustainable Development and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), to ensure that good decisions are not reversed, but kept to the forefront of discussions within the sector.


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To read one of the first NGO recommendation papers put together following the 2nd World Water Forum, download Perspectives on freshwater - Issues and recommendations of NGOs (PDF 285Kb)