Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation


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This section aims to contribute to one of FAN's key activities: capacity building on international processes.

A link between local and global

Whether at the UN, the World Bank or a local municipality, we aim to ensure that debates are informed by and accountable to the practical reality of what works for people on the ground. Understanding how water can be managed within the unique contexts in which people live is critical if we are to seriously address the global water crisis. But this is a two-way process.

For local change to take place, an understanding of the global agenda is needed. FAN shares key information with members working at the local level to enable civil society to monitor and analyze national progress against international commitments and best practice. We build the capacity of our members to understand the relevant policy debates and systems so they can engage strategically with the sector.

This section aims to support this capacity-builing work by providing a learning portal on the network's priority themes. It also aims to help our members and others working in the sector to develop their advocacy strategies by providing:

  • a guide to advocacy - explains the key principles of what advocacy is and how to undertake it
  • a water sector mapping page - maps key targets for influence by providing a list of key water institutions, water events and processes and organisations working in the sector for partnerships 
  • consultations page - flags opportunities for members to input into key research and events

You will also replace:

  • A document library with key documents published by FAN as well as other organisations
  • Links to training
  • Ask an expert - a chance for members to demonstrate their expertise by answering a question submitted on the website