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FAN's printed newsletter is produced twice yearly and contains news from FAN secretariat, FAN members and FAN regional networks. We post a copy to all our members and associate members. Download pdf versions in English, French, Spanish and Nepali below.

We welcome contributions to Freshwater NewsEmail the editor for more information.

Current and back issues of Freshwater News

March 2011

English (PDF 930Kb), Spanish (PDF 940Kb), Portuguese (PDF 940Kb), French (PDF 940Kb)

March 2011

English (PDF 1Mb),  Spanish (PDF 1Mb),  French  (PDF 1Mb),  Portuguese (PDF 1Mb), Hindi (PDF 1Mb)

August 2010

English (PDF 792.31 Kb), Spanish (PDF 960.91 Kb), French (PDF 961.68 Kb) , Portuguese (PDF 970.82 Kb), Nepali (PDF 1.1 Mb), Telugu (PDF 1Mb), Hindi (PDF 1Mb)

February 2010

English (PDF 733.54 Kb), Spanish (PDF 750.86 Kb), French (PDF 753.42 Kb), Portuguese (PDF 752.35 Kb), Nepali (PDF 504.36 Kb)

August 2009

English, Spanish (PDF 451.48 Kb), French (PDF 452.6 Kb), Nepali (PDF 481.09 Kb), Portuguese (PDF 453.85 Kb)

March 2009

English (PDF 557.13 Kb), Spanish (PDF 512.48 Kb), French (PDF 515.86 Kb)

August 2008

English (PDF 1.85 Mb, Spanish (PDF 1.74 Mb), French (PDF 1.77 Mb)

January 2008

English (PDF 263.54 Kb), Spanish (PDF 264.61 Kb), French (PDF 265.44 Kb) 

August 2007

English (PDF 350.61 KB), Spanish (PDF 351.13 Kb), French (PDF 352.48 Kb)

January 2007

English (PDF 333.74 Kb) , Spanish, French (PDF 339.21 Kb)

August 2006

English (PDF 611.99 Kb), Spanish (PDF 615.57 Kb), French (PDF 615.67 Kb)

January 2006

English (PDF 301.51 Kb), Spain (PDF 872.34 Kb), French (PDF 873.3 Kb)

August 2005

English (PDF 332.84 Kb), French (PDF 336 Kb), Spanish (PDF 335.16 Kb)

January 2005

English (PDF 312.07 Kb), French (PDF 311.24 Kb), Spanish (PDF 654.24 Kb)

August 2004

English (PDF 301.51 Kb) French (PDF 321.65 Kb) Spanish (PDF 312.96 Kb)

November 2003

English (PDF 185.11 Kb), French (PDF 163.72 Kb), Spanish (PDF 219.95 Kb)


Emailed to all FAN members every few months in English, Fresh or Spanish, FAN's eBulletin contains updates  on network and member news, related national and international news, events and new resources.

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