Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Asie du Sud

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FANSA aims to strengthen the engagement of CSOs in policy-making and development initiatives to achieve the international targets on water and sanitation, improve regional co-operation between CSOs of differing perspectives, priorities and skills and increase the number of NGOs to advocate and communicate clearly on water policy issues and the broader agenda.


A South Asia where water is respected and protected by all as an essential resource for all forms of life and where universal access to water and sanitation is achieved responsibly, equitably and inclusively.


Empowering CSOs to effectively engage and influence water governance towards the realisation of the right to water and sanitation for present and future generations.



Contact details

Ramisetty Murali

C/o Modern Architects for Rural India (MARI)

Plot No.4, H.No.2-1-27/4, East Kalyanpuri, Uppal


Tel: +91 40 65873830

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