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Multi-stakeholder Workshop on Water Governance and Human Rights

“Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Water Governance and Human Rights”, took place on 31st October 2018 at Suryanshu Hotel, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India. 
This worksho

FANSA Regional Workshop Sri Lanka

FANSA Regional Workshop Sri Lanka

Strengthening advocacy action of CSOs to accelerate progress on realization of the WASH commitments made by the national governments in South Asia

14th to 16th August 2018, Hotel Avani, B

At the UN, Civil Society will demonstrate breaches of two government administration (12 years) on ESCR

Mexican State, Mexico, UN review, ESCR Committee, Human rights violations

Mexican State undergo a UN review on ESCR after 12 years of silence


Almost 12 years after the last review of the Mexican State at the United Nations on economic, social, cultural and environmental rights (ESCR), next monday it will undergo a new review by the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESC Committee)  of the UN in Geneva, composed of 18 international experts.


In particular, the Joint Alternative Report on ESCR prepared by organizations specializing in the promotion and defense of these rights in Mexico, like FANMEX for Human Right to Water and Sanitation and signed by more than 150 groups, organizations and networks  will also be presented tomorrow, Monday, March 12 (in the morning ) at the private audience that the Committee will hold with civil society organizations. 


The Alternative Report on ESCR documents and exposes the limitations, obstacles, setbacks and challenges in Mexico in the area of ​​human rights to health, education, housing, food, water and sanitation. social security, work, decent working conditions, freedom of association, protection and assistance to the family, the healthy environment, the free determination of peoples and the protection of biocultural heritage. The report also emphasizes the difficulties faced by different sectors of the population in the exercise of their economic Social Cultural and environmental Rights, especially the indigenous and comparable peoples and communities; women, girls, boys and adolescents; migrants, refugees and asylum seekers; the internally displaced persons; older people; the victims of trafficking; temporary workers, agricultural day laborers, and various sectors of the population affected by business activities that negatively impact human rights.


the dialogue that will be held by the experts of the Committee and the Mexican government delegation on Monday, March 12 from 3 to 6pm and on Tuesday, March 13 from 10 to 1pm (Geneva time, Switzerland) will be broadcast live on the Internet at: http : //


Read the Press bulletin  in original language, spanish:  or read more for the full Press released in English ( google translation) 


Executive summary and full version of the joint alternative report can be found in the bulletin.


Consultation on SDG's indicators of Post2015 Agenda

FAN members have been active in the elaboration of Post 2015 agenda. Particularly calling for a water and sanitation specific goal, and we got it. Today, it is crutial to participate in the elaboration of the indicators for such a goal. It depends on the indicators if this goal if we can actually make a difference in improving the quality of people's life and not only statistics. We call all FAN members and other water NGO to participate in this consultation before september 7th. If you want to exchange information on the indicators, please write to [email protected] FANMex coordinator.


Freshwater Action Network Mexico intervention in the stocktaking meeting for the post 2015 development agenda negotiations

26.jan.15 Nathalie Seguin, coordinator for the Freshwater Action Network Mexico was appointed for dialogue between delegations and Mayor Groups. Nathalie spoke on behalf of the Freshwater Action Network, advocating for human rights on specific goal of water but also human right based approach in all set of goals and prioritization of water for life, environments and food. 

Post 2015 stakeholder preparatory forum

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20/01/15 On january 16th took part the Stakeholders preparatory forum for the Post 2015 development Agenda negotiations, where representatives of different delegations were present and established a dialogue with different civil societies representatives. Please replace the summary with the core debate and recommendations made.

Campaign Action 2015 starts: Global citizen mobilization

15.Jan. 15 The 2015 is a key year for the planet to get back on track. Three important meetings will be held :  Financing for Development Summit in Ethiopia in July, followed by the Post-2015 Summit in New York (September); and the COP 21 in December based in Paris.

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