Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Association Villageoise d’Entraide et de Développement Communautaire (AVEDEC)


AVEDEC aims at improving the social and health conditions of Burundian people, by putting in place social infrastructures but also looking into  capacity building of the people. Building basic social infrastructures and rehabilitation,and Primary schools and latrines are some of our intervention areas.


AVEDEC has developed an integrated approach, based on the involvement of the local communities, from the conception to the project’s autonomy.


Focus areas:

  •  Environmental Protection/ Climate change 
  •  Water supply Urban/Rural 
  •  Rainwater Harvest/ Flood Control 
  •  Sanitation/ pollution control 
  •  Advocacy / Right to Water and Sanitation 
  •  Water Resources Management (IWRM)


Country: Burundi


Contact Details

Telephone:00257 22 40 37 65

Mobile:  00257 79927 601

E-mail:[email protected]


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